Introducing the S&S Precision – Raptor Grach MP-443 Gas BlowBack Pistol

The MP-443 Brach or “PYa” is the Russian standard military-issue sidearm. The development was headed by the designer Vladimir Alexanderrovich Yarygin and was developed under the designation “Grach” in response to Russian military trials, which began in 1993. In 2003, it was adopted as a standard sidearm for all branches of the Russian military and law enforcement, alongside the Makarov PM, GSh-19 and SPS.

The Raptor Grach MP-443 is a faithful replica of that firearm currently in Russian service and features all the same controls and details. Ergonomically, it feels very different from many standard pistols used in NATO countries such as Glocks or SIGs or even that of 1911s. However, this does not detract from how it actually feels in hand, which is quite good. Featuring a relatively high beavertail, you can easily drive your palm into the gun giving you a higher purchase and all the controls are easy to access.

The gun has a physical hammer that is shielded on the sides essentially hiding it while at the same time protecting slightly it from the elements. The slide is lightweight and cycles well and comes with an internally threaded outer barrel. Barrel threads are 11mm CW and requires a thread adaptor to thread it back to a standard 14mm CCW for the mounting of suppressors, tracers, and other muzzle devices. This deluxe version of the MP-443 comes fully loaded with an accessory rail, for the mounting of lights and lasers and a spare magazine!

The Raptor Grach MP-443 GBB Pistol is available from our friends at Redwolf Airsoft, visit them >>


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