Lindnerhof-Taktik Rolls Out New Split-Front Chest Rig, Rifle Magazine Pouches

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (11 August 2022)—Lindnerhof-Taktik, GmbH, will tomorrow [12 August] begin making available for purchase three new items to help tactical operators achieve greater mission success. The debuting products are the MX266 Splint Front Chest Rig, the MX002 MX Rifle Magazine Pouch Single, and the MX098 MX Rifle Magazine Panel Triple.

MX266 Split Front Chest Rig

The MX266 Split Front Chest Rig is a lightweight two-piece unit that includes its own padded carrying system.

MX266 Split Front Chest Rig

The MX 002 Rifle Magazine Pouch Single and MX098 Magazine Panel Triple are low-profile, easy access receptacles made to hold magazines for the Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifle and those for most other carbines using 5.56x45mm NATO rounds.


According to company officials, the MX266 Split Front Chest Rig builds on the proven design elements of previous Lindnerhof chest rigs but with several important enhancements, the company said.

First, the MX266 is constructed from Lindnerhof’s innovative new multiaxial laminate. This durable yet featherlight material reduces the weight of the chest rig, making it easier to carry.

MX266 Split Front Chest Rig

Second, the fully MOLLE/PALS-compatible MX266 features a midsection split-option zipper that allows users to keep their gear within easy reach when they take up a prone position, thereby eliminating the need to remove the rig in order to access stowed ammo, radio equipment, and other mission essentials.

Third, the MX266 includes its own padded, slotted, and loop-fitted carrying system that allows the piece to be used as an add-on to any other Lindnerhof chest rig model.

“I’m a former sniper, and to me the MX266 Split Front Chest Rig represents a well-conceived expansion of our existing Lindnerhof MX product range—one that’s right in step with these times of super-durable, ultralight plate carriers,” said Jakob Kolbeck, CEO of Lindnerhof- Taktik.

MX266 Split Front Chest Rig

“The MX266 is the latest innovation spun from the relentless efforts of our R&D department,” he continued. “It brilliantly addresses a challenge every sniper, every rifle operator, faces in the field—the challenge of being able to quickly retrieve gear from the front of the rig when you’re belly down in the dirt. Before the MX266, you’d have to completely remove the rig to fish out what you needed. But with the MX266, all you have to do is unzip it and you’ve got direct access from the side. Very cool.”

Kolbeck added that the MX266 comes with a cleverly engineered securing buckle for fast closing of the chest rig when the mission ends or at any point prior. “You don’t even need to close the zipper first—just clip the buckle and go,” he said.

Kolbeck also noted that the MX266 Split Front Chest Rig features Velcro® adaption points that permit affixing it to a plate carrier. “The plate carrier has to have its own Velcro® strips to permit this, but if it doesn’t we offer a separately sold adaption kit [RMPL144] to solve that problem,” he said.

Boasting compatibility with all Lindnerhof rigs, the MX266 is expected to swiftly emerge as a favourite among tactical operators, Kolbeck predicted. “It’ll come to be seen as an easy option to set up one ́s super-individualised and modular micro-rig,” he said. “And the fact that it can be attached to our MX234 Multi-Caliber Triple Front Panel and MX231 Panel Front means users can kill two birds with one stone.”

Meanwhile, the MX002 Rifle Magazine Pouch Single and MX098 Rifle Magazine Panel Triple are—like the MX266 Split Front Chest Rig—made from the company’s super-lightweight MX multiaxial laminate. They are nearly identical in design and features, except the MX002 holds only a single magazine whereas the MX098 holds three and is in a panel format (which makes it well-suited to fully equip the front of a plate carrier).

Both models allow users to swap out a mag faster thanks to their clean, low-profile contours—this attribute helps minimise potential interference with the user’s hand as it grabs for a fresh magazine. Also abetting quick, easy access to magazines is a special built-in tab (Alpha Tab 4.0). Additionally, the MX002 and MX098 mount via standard MOLLE/PALS fixation and come with extra front laser-cut slots for attaching additional gear.

“It’s imperative that the pouches you bring along on your mission make it easier to take hold of your magazines regardless of whether you’re operating in conditions that are dark or cold or wet or some combination of the three, but what ́s also lifesaving while you’re in action is always having best-possible access to your ammunition and weapon system,” Kolbeck offered. “And our new MX Rifle Magazine Pouches deliver on all counts. This is why I feel very confident in asserting that what we’ve created is a genuine instant classic in the category of rifle magazine pouches.”

For more information about the MX266 Split Front Chest Rig, MX 002 Rifle Magazine Pouch Single, MX098 Rifle Magazine Panel Triple, and other Lindnerhof-Taktik products, please visit the company’s web shop at:


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