Introducing: New Range Ready Set

A range day can go sideways when you start with gear scattered all over the house. You know there are great organizational options out there, but you don’t know where to start.

Range Ready Set by OTTE Gear

OTTE Gears Range Ready Gear Set includes a number of curated organizational products from our catalog purposefully built to center your focus on the range. No more scattered gear, no more last-minute purchases, no more jumbled contents.



  • 1x OG Tactical Range Bag
  • 1x OG Velcro Mag Board
  • 1x OG Mesh Organizer
  • 1x OG Padded Organizer
  • 1x Small Window Packing Cube

Please note: Small Window Packing Cube colors are pre-selected to be color-coordinated with the range bag color and cannot be switched. 

Grab yours here >>

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