Taking airsoft training even more realistic look wise!

Drawing inspiration from the concept of Blank-Fire Adapters (BFAs) commonly used in military training, PTS has developed an airsoft version of the BFA for the needs of Milsim, training, and simulation users. The PTS MMA (Multifunction Muzzle Attachment) serves multiple purposes and provides a range of valuable benefits:

  • Shoot Through Function: The front part of the PTS MMA acts as a short barrel with a threaded opening, allowing BBs to shoot through instead of blocking the barrel with a metal plug. This unique shoot-through function enhances gameplay, ensuring a seamless shooting experience without compromising safety.
  • Team Identification: In the heat of Milsim games or Mil/LE training, swift and accurate team identification is vital for effective communication and coordination. The PTS MMA features two high visible color options, red and yellow, enabling teams to be easily distinguished during combat scenarios. This eliminates the need for color straps and enhances the overall immersive battlefield training experience.
  • Safety Bolt: Safety is of paramount importance in any training or simulation environment. The PTS MMA incorporates a high visible red painted bolt that can be securely screwed onto the muzzle. This effectively blocks the barrel, preventing accidental discharge during dry fire drills or when users are in designated “Safe Areas.” This safety feature provides an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.

By attaching the PTS Multifunction Muzzle Attachment (MMA), this innovative attachment combines functionality, safety, and team identification in Milsim games and military/law enforcement training scenarios and brings a heightened level of realism and immersion to the airsoft arena.

For more details, please visit PTS: 

International >> www.ptssyndicate.com
USA >> www.ptssyndicate.us


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