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Our friends from Project Gecko has published their second part of the PenCott Greenzone (by HydeDefinition Ltd.) Loadout review. The review includes Pencott Gear like a Tactical Tailor Fight Light Plate Carrier, UF PRO Boonie hat, Leo Köhler KSK-Smock and combat pants from Molay Taktika. Give them a visit at their website and …

read Part 1 of Pencott ‘Greenzone’ apparel and gear in 2014
read Part 2 of Pencott ‘Greenzone’ apparel and gear in 2014


What is Project Gecko?

Project Gecko offers beside the reviews a wide range of service Firearms training, Vehicle Training, Seminars with topics such as Green side, CQB, FIBUA, CCT, Medevac, Recon & Camouflage and more.



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Website: / facebook:

Website: / facebook:
Website: / facebook: / facebook:

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