Fortifying Defence with Mehler Protection

FULDA, GERMANY (22 February 2024) – Mehler Protection, renowned as a global provider for innovative, reliable, and tailor-made personal and platform protection solutions, showcases the Omega Ballistic Helmets line.

Omega Ballistic Helmet

After extensive development efforts dedicated to delivering uncompromising protection and superb comfort, the Omega Ballistic Helmets line offers two models, the Omega Core and the Omega Hybrid Helmet.

Omega Ballistic Helmet

Cutting-Edge Protection

Engineered with advanced materials, the Omega line helmets meet protection standards all while prioritising lightweight comfort. Seamlessly blending state-of-the-art ballistic protection with unparalleled comfort, these helmets ensure optimal performance in highly intensive missions.

Omega Ballistic Helmet

Modular Flexibility

The Omega line helmets showcase a modular design, allowing for versatile deployment across diverse mission profiles. With easily adaptable components like rails, shrouds, and clips, operators can customise their gear configuration to suit specific mission needs.

Omega Ballistic Helmet

At the Frontline of Comfort

Engineered for extended wear, the Omega line helmets prioritise operator comfort while maintaining optimal performance. Featuring adjustable padding, advanced harness systems, and internal ventilation channels, they ensure a secure fit and enhanced air circulation, guaranteeing maximum comfort during prolonged missions.


Striking the Weight-Performance Balance

The Omega Ballistic Helmets offer excellent lightweight ballistic protection, allowing wearers to move freely without feeling encumbered, even during prolonged use.

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