Primary Arms Optics Introduces New SLx 1x MicroPrism with FDE Finish.

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Primary Arms has announced a new version of their popular SLx® 1x MicroPrism, now with a tactical FDE finish.

The SLx 1x MicroPrism is an advanced CQB optical system with an ultra-compact housing, compatible with backup iron sights and magnifiers. Combining the best features of red dot sights and prism scopes, Primary Arms SLx 1x MicroPrism is fast, lightweight, and highly durable. This optic is also part of Primary Arms’ SLx optics line. SLx optics built their reputation for innovation, reliability and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve the user in any environment.

With its adjustable diopter and updated ACSS® Cyclops® G2 reticle, the new 1x MicroPrism offers greater precision than a basic red dot. Even if you have severe astigmatism, the optic can adapt to your eye with an infinitely precise point of aim and an integrated BDC with daylight-bright illumination. Unlike a red dot, the SLx 1x MicroPrism reticle features a glass-etched reticle, so you’re never dependent on battery or electronics for basic function. The SLx 1x MicroPrism also comes with a user-configurable mounting system, which allows for 8 different mounting heights right out of the box, ranging from 1.1” centerline to over 2”.

Optimized for the SLx 1x MicroPrism, the ACSS Cyclops G2 is an updated variation of Primary Arms’ previous 1x prism reticle. This Cyclops G2 now features an enlarged outer horseshoe and chevron, which assist in rapid target acquisition in close quarters and low lighting. This reticle retains all the ranging, BDC, and moving target lead features of the previous reticle, but its larger size makes it faster and easier to use at any distance.

Since its release, the SLx 1x MicroPrism remains one of Primary Arms Optics’ most sought-after new products. In response to customer requests, Primary Arms Optics is excited to release a new version of this optic: an FDE 1x MicroPrism.

“Our 1x MicroPrism is like nothing else on the market and a true advantage over traditional red dots on the market.” says Donald Riley, Vice President and General Manager of Primary Arms Optics. “The size of the new 1x MicroPrism is 48% smaller than the original Compact 1x Prism, yet the CYCLOPS G2 reticle is significantly larger making it faster and easier to use.”

As with all SLx optics, the SLx 1x MicroPrisms come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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