Brand new episode of SureFire Field Notes Series Episode 66 is here!

In this Field Notes episode, Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack Tactical discusses the importance of training your off hand shooting and a metric to baseline your performance.

Bill was a police officer in Washington State for over 25 years, retiring in February 2018 as a Sergeant. He also served in the United States Army from 1986 to 1992. He was assigned to SWAT in 1995 and absent a single year, stayed on SWAT for the remainder of his career. He served as a ballistic shield carrier, breacher, entry team member, team training coordinator and ended as a team leader. As a team leader, Bill has successfully planned or participated in approximately 1500 pre-planned and in progress SWAT callouts. He has over 5000 training hours and has personally trained SWAT officers in different locations around the USA.

field notes surefire episode 66

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