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P90 Airsoft AEG by Krytac – RWTV Review


Marck from Redwolf Airsoft checks out the P90 Airsoft AEG by Krytac and it’s features.

The EMG / Cybergun P90 is a fully licensed product made by one of the best airsoft manufacturers Krytac. This SMG from FN was originally designed and manufactured in the 1990s with the purpose of being used as a replacement for weapons chambered in 9mm. Its compact design lent itself to being ideal for close personal protection, support personnel, counter-terrorism, and other special operations. To this day the P90 is still used by militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world, most notably by the United States Secret Service.

The airsoft version was originally launched by Tokyo Marui in 2001 and upon its release, it was received warmly. However, though the gun was innovative and head-turning at the time, there were flaws. Over the years, companies such as Laylax have come to make a plethora of upgrade parts for the gun which did rectify several issues but it was still limited.

With that said, this particular latest release from Krytac aims to change this. The Krytac P90 is a different animal in every way and while it may look like the same airsoft P90 we are familiar with it certainly is not the same gun.

The polymer construction of the gun is superb and is far separated from the plastic used in previous models. The upper receiver is made from lightweight metal and when mated to the polymer lower receiver the gun is robust and solid.

Ergonomically the P90 feels much like other versions of the gun that has come before it. Therefore, when you should it, it’s a very familiar feeling. This feeling translates well to the shooting experience and natural aiming of the gun which features 3 different sets of iron sights for players that want to opt-out of using a red dot.

The biggest killer feature found in this airsoft P90 would undoubtedly be its trigger. The trigger that Krytac has built into this electric airsoft gun is worlds apart from any other trigger found in previous versions of this gun. Its travel distance is adjustable by using an allen key. The pull weight is also adjustable by swapping out a spring. Finally, its incredibly quick response is due to its high-tech electronics used!

Internally, the gun is similar to the previous versions but due to a difference in dimensions, it’s not quite the same. The gun features the same gear sets used in the Trident Series electric airsoft guns and will fit most all standard version 2 gears. This airsoft P90 also boasts a quick change spring system, MOSFET, and is T-Plugs (Deans ready). Its magazine is switchable between 50 / 200 rounds for either a high capacity mid-cap or a realistic capacity magazine. In addition, the Krytac P90’s magazine has a last-round cut-off feature for more realism. If you do have a TM magazine, it will also fit this gun but it will not have the last-round cut-off feature.

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