Medic Monday feature: Med Pouch Vertical MKII

Slightly modified and updated version of DAs MED POUCH HORIZONTAL. The biggest change on the Med Pouch Vertical MKII is the more visible MED sign on the front that in laser cut in the loop Velcro®, which allows adding various patches, including IR signs. Also the insert was modified to reduce the weight and bulk of the pouch. The med pouch itself still has it’s most important features known from the previous versions.

This two piece IFAK is designed to fit on chest rig side panel or on a belt – taking similar PALS real estate as a magazine pouch. Made mainly of proprietary laminate and 500D Cordura® for enhanced durability. The insert with medical equipment can be deployed with single pull of the Velcro®-closed flap. The whole first aid equipment is well planned and hold in place by elastic webbing loops.

The insert itself can be rapidly opened with only one hand. The interior of the main pouch is covered with loop Velcro® which allows you to mount our SHEARS pouch inside.

US & North/South America region:

In Europe or the rest of the world:


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