The Ultimate Choice For Shooters who Demand the Highest Standards of Quality, Reliability, and Performance

Introducing the TANGO-DMR, a high-performance tactical riflescope designed to deliver unrivaled accuracy and clarity in any shooting scenario.


Built around SIG SAUER’S advanced optical prescriptions, the TANGO-DMR comes in a versatile 3-18x44mm and the powerful 5-30x56mm. Both featuring a new multi-lock zero stop elevation dial.


TANGO-DMR Reticle Options

Equipped with new first focal plane reticle configurations, the TANGO-DMR offers exceptional clarity and precision at any distance. The 34mm maintube provides generous elevation travel, manipulated by the multi-lock zero stop elevation dial. The intuitive adjustment settings make it easier than ever to dial your shots with pinpoint accuracy.


In addition, the TANGO-DMR includes a military-inspired locking illumination control, allowing users to quickly adjust and lock reticle brightness settings. SIG SAUER’S new multi-lock zero stop elevation dial locks at a user-configurable zero position, as well as the upper and lower limits of travel. This unique and patented feature provides users with a tactile zero position indicator that is also impervious to accidental adjustments.


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