Introducing the MCX-Rattler LT: The Next Level of Modularity

The new MCX-Rattler LT: all of the breakthrough features of the original MCX-Rattler now in a more modular, more capable package.


Designed to meet the needs of Special Operations forces, the MCX-Rattler LT features fully ambidextrous controls, including an ambidextrous bolt-catch, bolt-release an adjustable gas piston for suppressed and unsuppressed use, and is fitted with the SIG QD suppressor-ready flash hider and a flat-blade trigger for ultimate control.


The MCX-Rattler LT also has either a cold hammer forged 6.75″ or 7.75″ barrel and is now fully compatible with all MCX barrels and handguards making it the ultimate modular package. 

Available in 300BLK, 5.56 NATO as well as 7.62X39 calibers.

Grab yours >>

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