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The DAKA® GRID Organizer revolutionized the way we move our firearms, tools, and equipment. It’s a lightweight, fully customizable drop-in organizational solution for your current case, and through simple compression and adjustable blocks, it firmly holds everything in place, providing better protection than open cell foam and laser-cut insert options that allow your gear to slide around during transport. 

The DAKA GRID is the answer to the limitations of traditional foam, giving your gear better impact resistance and an endlessly customizable layout to fit your needs.

DAKA® GRID Organizer

Our DAKA GRID Organizers have completely changed the performance of cases by reinventing how they protect your gear and how users set them up. They were initially made to fit the Pelican™ Vault V730 and V800 cases, and now we’ve expanded the lineup of the GRID Organizer to include versions for Pelican’s 1720 and 1750 Protector gun cases, the Plano™ 42ʺ All Weather 2™ and 42” Rustrictor™ gun cases, Harbor Freight’s Apache® 9800 case, Eylar® 53” and 44” cases, and others with similar footprints. Now you can take advanced protection and the versatile organization of the DAKA GRID Organizer in more cases, wherever you go.

DAKA® GRID Organizer

To further enhance your case, we have new DAKA GRID accessories on the way. Because everything that goes in your case doesn’t have square edges or uniform widths, our new Angled Blocks and V-Blocks let you fully immobilize angular gear and provide free-floating objects such as barrels a secure nesting place.

DAKA® GRID Organizer

To absolutely secure your gear, DAKA Gear Straps are designed to interweave within the DAKA GRID and firmly tie down items. Lastly, our DAKA Bins act as completely enclosed storage containers for your smaller, looser items. All of these great GRID products will be available in the next few weeks to optimize your case as only Magpul can.

You can find everything DAKA GRID at and local Magpul retailers.

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