The EVO CNC Edition is now available!

This replica takes everything ASG had learnt from the original EVO over the past 10 years and combines it with the best upgrade parts from ASGs ULTIMATE Series.

EVO CNC Edition

Everything in this version of the EVO is the best of the best. Feeding this monster an 11.1 LiPo allows the ULTIMATE 30k CNC Motor to pump out 1.3 joules (394 fps), turning the 16.5:1 CNC gearset to comfortably put out up to 35 BBs a second.

Thanks to the pre-installed Leviathan ECU, ULTIMATE CNC Hop-Unit and Anti-Reversal Latch, you will be able to tame all that power and focus it accurately down range.

This is the best EVO we have ever made to date. No expense has been spared. A fully tricked-out and upgraded EVO right out of the box. It’s time to dominate your competition.

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