MIL-COFFEE is finally online!

We talked about this new coffee brand and tested it some time ago already here at AMNB. So if you’re an weekly follower of our work you may know it already. Distributed via in the past, MIL-COFFEE has now launched their own website/shop for you.

The owner, Armands Ikalis is pleased to introduce you MIL-COFFEE and if you’re as caffinated as we here at AMNB are, you maybe want to read about it.


Armands IkalisMy name is Armands Ikalis, and we started this project in the summer of 2019 together with my team.
I knew that I needed to find professionals in their field to create a successful and high-quality project. I reached out to my friends from Rocket Bean Roastery, because their coffee roastery is one of the best in Europe.

We put a lot of effort in testing different coffee samples to determine which was the right coffee for our friends and customers. Eventually we ended up with an amazing product which is recognised and appreciated also outside Latvia.
Ziedonis Ločmelis, a film actor and soldier from Latvia, who recently needed financial help in his fight against cancer, agreed to be Mil-Coffee ambassador. We decided that 1% of income from selling this coffee will be donated to support the veterans of the Latvian Army.
Thank you for trusting us!

How it’s made?

Get caffinated >>

And read our product test about MIL-COFFEE right here!



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