Mehler Vario System Awarded Sizable Contract to Supply More Ballistic Protective Vests to Swedish Armed Forces

FULDA, GERMANY (10 Oct. 2022)— Mehler Vario System has been awarded a contract to continue
supplying its high-performance ballistic protective vests to the armed forces of Sweden, the company
today announced.

The important contract—also announced by the Swedish Defence Procurement Agency “Försvarets
Materielverk” (FMV) on its website—calls for Mehler Vario System to increase the quantities of
ballistic protective vests it delivers.


Prior to the awarding of the new contract, Mehler Vario System had outfitted Sweden’s military with
several thousand of the protective systems. The company said the new contract calls for delivery of
ballistic vests up to a total value around €180.000.000.

The FMV indicated it awarded the procurement contract to replenish and expand its armed forces’ current inventory of body armour. According to the FMV, high worldwide demand for body protection is outstripping most vest makers’ ability to keep pace. The FMV was understandably
pleased that Mehler Vario System—a globally active manufacturer of protection and carrying systems for police, military, and special forces—could meet the agency’s requirements in terms not only of delivery timelines but also with regard to product quality and performance, said Thomas Homberg, Managing Director of Mehler Vario System GmbH and Mehler Vario System Group.

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Press contact:
Julia Resech
Brand Manager Mehler Vario System GmbH
Phone: + 49 661 103 730


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