Out now! The new Hatka 12L from Savotta

The first batch is available right now from their own online store (domestic shipping within Finland only at the moment) and will start shipping out to retailers in a few weeks too.

At first glance the Hatka 12L may look like just a roll-top bag with shoulder straps, but there is actually a lot going on when you take a closer look. This design was conceived as a part of a special military load carrying system, which needed a small daypack that could easily be attached to a larger backpack.

Clip and strap it on a larger pack for use as a ”grab and go” daypack. The really awesome way to do this is to attach the Hatka to the side compression or lid straps by using G-hooks or PALS-mounted SR buckles.

Hatka 12L Savotta

When needed you can add a lot of gear to the outside of this otherwise quite small pack. The PALS webbing allows you to attach pouches, but it (and the four webbing loops on the bottom) can also be used to thread bungee cords to carry rainwear, tarps etc.

Although there are not too many compartments going on you can still make great use of these when packing smartly. The main compartment is of course where you stuff your big things, the two small internal compartments can fit all sorts of small stuff and even water bottles. The D-ring can be used to clip-on or tie small valuable securely in place. The external compartment against your back can be used to carry a closed cell foam pad as a framesheet, or to carry a tarp or hydration bladder.

Hatka 12L Savotta

”Hatka” is a peculiar Finnish word, it is used solely in the phrase ”ottaa hatkat” which means ”to escape” or ”to sort of hastily take your leave”. The Hatka pack was conceived whilst prototyping small, quick-detachable escape-and-evade sort of survival packs for a military project, so you now you know how this peculiar name makes perfect sense.

Learn more about it >> www.savotta.fi/hatka-12l

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