Easy Carry for Trauma Shears and a Tourniquet

Here’s a live saver Tuesday feature for you. The Shear Hammock adds carry capacity for trauma shears and a tourniquet to most 3-column MOLLE surfaces. It’s one of the most popular add-ons to our Micro Trauma Kit NOW!™

The Shear Hammock

The Tourniquet Shear Hammock is the quick and easy way to carry Shears and a CAT or SOF-T or RATS Tourniquet off of an existing belt or MOLLE mounted pouch that takes up no more additional mounting space and protects the tourniquet from the environment.  

The Shear Hammock

The Tourniquet Hammock can be mounted to either the MOLLE or belt mounted Micro TKN, or any other MOLLE pouch with a 3 column MOLLE foot print such as the Trauma Kit NOW!®, Vertical Utility Pouch, and many others.


Grab yours >> www.blueforcegear.com


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