Spenca Arms EDGE 2.0 J Series | Review


AKs with Built in GATE ASTERs

The brand-new, upgraded EDGE 2.0 system has a number of upgrades to take the previous EDGE series from Specna Arms to the next level.

Starting off, the new version has a built-in GATE ASTER MOSFET unit. The ASTER is equipped with innovative optical sensors and a smart fuse that protects the battery, motor, and controller even in the case of reverse battery connection. The unit features 250 possible trigger sensitivity settings and plenty more functions and features to give you the upper hand on the airsoft field!

The ORION gearbox is the result of several years of experience in the field of internal parts. The gearbox stands for reliability, durability, and battle-tested solutions from the top shelf. A reinforced gearbox shell, piston with a steel full tooth rack, aluminum nozzle w/ O-ring seal, polymer ball bearing piston head, aluminum double O-ring cylinder head, and 7mm ball bearings provide a higher level of durability and room for further tuning.

Lastly, the EDGE 2.0 system features the same ESA (Easy Spring Access) system but now upgraded for even further convenience. It’s hard to imagine an easier and quicker way to change your main spring. The ESA2 allows you to quickly adjust the muzzle velocity with minimal downtime at the field. You can adapt your replica to indoor or field games in a matter of minutes.

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