Introducing – The Skeleton Cummerbund

TERRA B wanted to inform you about another nice release out of their smithy.

They’ve changed their Plate Carrier concept for you. From now on, plate carriers are available with a simple cummerbund, which is equipped without the previous compartments. Nice side effect, the entry price is lower! Now, you have the possibility to choose your cummerbund according to your wishes.

Skeleton Cummerbund Terra B

With the Overt Plate Carrier we have dispensed with the fixed ROC buckles and equipped it with a Velcro flap. This gives you the option of choosing between the individual cummerbunds.

Skeleton Cummerbund Terra B

The Skeleton cummerbund combines a high degree of stability and robustness with excellent flexible properties. This means that you can easily attach heavier equipment to your side flanks, while the cummerbund still adapts to your movements and takes on a supporting function.

Got your interest? Head over to their web and find out more…

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