The Leatherman REV, the budget baller of multitools

If you are into tactical gear, knives or EDC in general (if not, why are you reading AMNB?) you probably know about Leatherman and their multitools, well known for their quality and in some cases for the steep prices too.

However Letherman knows not everyone can or want to spend hundreds of Euros/Dollars (etc) on a multitool, so they also have some more affordable yet good quality options, there’s where the REV comes in, a good quality multitool for not too much money.

Now let’s not confuse budget with cheap, the quality is still there and you notice that when using the Leatherman REV. It comes with 14 quality tools packaged into a slim and ergonomic body, a Knife (420HC-steel) that can be opened from the outside and locks into position (it´s the only tool that locks), the pliers part of the REV incorporate a 4 in 1 design with Needle-Nose pliers, Regular pliers, Wire cutter and a Hard-Wire cutter at the bottom.

Unlike other Leatherman models, the Pliers on the REV are not spring assisted, it would’ve been cool if they where, but honestly it doesn’t really bother me that they’re not.

The rest of the tools on the REV open from the inside portion, those include a Small screwdriver, a Medium screwdriver, a Philips screwdriver, a Bottle opener, a Can opener, a Wire stripper, a File, Package opener and a small Ruler. From what i’ve been able to use so far all of this tools are easily accessible and quality made.

Overall the Leatherman REV is a trully solid option as a Multitool at 9.7cm/3.8” long by 3.3cm/1.28” wide, weighing approx 175g/5.9oz for under 50€ i have no problem at all carrying it and using it daily.


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