UF PRO reimagines the iconic M65 parka and creates the M2 Parka, available for purchase soon.

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (15 February 2022)—UF PRO today unveiled its new survival jacket, the M2 Parka. The garment is designed to be the all-in-one survival jacket for use in cold, moderately rainy conditions.

M2 Parka UF PRO

Company sources revealed that the M2 Parka is based on the design of the iconic M65 parka.

M2 Parka UF PRO

“The M65 was in its time one of the finest survival jackets ever made, but it lacked features that today’s operators want and need,” a UF PRO official said. “So we reimagined the M65 as a parka for today and named it the M2.”

The company explained that the spark-resistant, near-totally noiseless M2 is constructed of comfortable yet rugged EtaProof® fabric, an advanced-technology cotton blend that keeps out moderate precipitation and wind while at the same time preserving interior warmth. 

M2 Parka UF PRO

The parka’s hood is a waterproof, two-layer PU laminate attached by means of UF PRO’s innovative Hood/Harness® system. The Hood/Harness® system prevents the headpiece from obstructing field of view when the wearer looks up, down, and side-to-side.

Other key features include multiple oversized pockets and anti-thermal bridge air/pac® padding. 

According to UF PRO insiders, it is priced at 399€ and is available in Olive or Black colour. The M2 Parka will be available for purchase at the company’s online store here.


For more information, contact UF PRO at: support@ufpro.si

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