MHS Productions presents – 2022 MARSOC motivational video

“I joined MARSOC for the same reason I became a Marine—intense, determined people who aren’t afraid to win.” ~Corporal, 3rd MSOB

The Marine Corps is the nation’s expeditionary force, ready to respond to any crisis, anywhere. Marines have always fought our nation’s small wars, its irregular wars—the wars of the future. MARSOC Marines are Marines first, and they build on their Corps legacy: MARSOC operators go forward to win the war before it starts.

MARSOC’S MISSION is to recruit, train, sustain, and deploy scalable, expeditionary forces worldwide to accomplish special operations missions assigned by U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). To accomplish that, MARSOC equips and trains Marines to succeed in austere conditions against a wide range of adversaries. MARSOC executes complex, distributed operations in uncertain environments, achieving silent success and strategic impact.

MARSOC’S VISION is to be America’s force of choice to provide small lethal expeditionary teams for global special operations. With tight-knit teams of agile and adaptable operators, MARSOC will continue to punch well above its weight class.

As of 2015, the Marine Special Operations Regiment, serving under the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), was renamed the Marine Raider Regiment. This change was implemented to better show that modern Marine special operations forces trace their lineage and heritage back to the WWII Raiders. Individual Marines of the Marine Raider Regiment are once again called Marine Raiders.


  • Marine Raider Regiment
  • Marine Raider Support Group
  • Marine Raider Training Center


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