Get to know | Safariland VUBL and the QUBL?

Holsters and their mounting options are kind of a philosophy of its own right? The variety available is huge and sometimes hard to choose from. A company you can always count on build quality and great usability is Safariland. Here’s a overview of two of their options, the VUBL and QUBL.

Can you adjust the ride height?
Yes, both the VUBL and QUBL offer 3-position height adjustment for hi-ride, mid-ride, and low-ride carry with an easily adjustable belt loop while holstered weapon is being worn.

Can the VUBL be paired up with any QLS?
Yes, the VUBL can be used with QLS22 Receiver, but it is important to keep in mind that with the QLS22 attached, the platform may stick out further than the body. If you are looking for an adjustable UBL to use with the QLS system,the QUBL may be a better choice.

Does the QUBL have cant options?
No, the QUBL does not offer cant options on mount but the QLS19 holster fork does have a small degree of cant adjustment.

Can you use the QUBL with the 3004 Leg Strap?
No, the QUBL does not work with the 3004 Leg Strap.

Who is the VUBL ideal for?
The VUBL is designed perfectly for officers that are in and out of the vehicle.

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