Nighttime airsoft myths and how to choose night vision equipment for airsoft.

The guys at AGM Global Vision wrote us an article about this topic and if you find yourself in the need to buy Nods or simple want to gather information about it, this article is something you may enjoy to read!

Men and women in full combat gear. Full combat gear and amazing beauty of the weapon. A full-fledged battlefield where the real battle is about to unfold. Seriousness and determination in the eyes. Tension hovering in the air, which electrifies him, as if the heavens are opening now and the world will be deafened by the sounds of thunder, blinding with flashes of lightning. And this is almost true because now this calm place will turn into a real battlefield. A harsh, uncompromising, and merciless clash will end in victory for some and defeat for others. This is war. With one but significant exception: there will be no deaths and tragedies.

Those who have learned the primitive taste of this sport are not much different from the soldiers. These people are passionate about their hobby and give themselves completely to it. They are superbly versed in all the nuances of weapons and equipment, which are identical to those used in real life. Only weapons have no lethal effect. Everything else is purchased from the same stores that supply the army and police. Therefore, everything is severe here.

The stakes only increase when it comes to an overnight showdown. For such a battle, specific knowledge is needed. Finding the right night vision device is a daunting task. And if you are serious about it and understand the need to use high-quality and sophisticated equipment, like gen 3 night vision goggles or gen 3 night vision sights, the cost of making a mistake can be too high.

We will try to help you in solving this non-trivial task. The best plan for this is to avoid the most common mistakes and myths. We will talk about them today.

AGM Global Vision

Myth # 1. Don’t be tangled.

Once you decide to buy your first night vision device, you will most likely be overwhelmed by the vast array of opinions and advice that you will hear in the process of choosing a device. And the main advice that you will be given will be advised to carefully study all the options on the market and choose the device’s right generation. It is a myth.

You must understand that a night vision device is designed to enable you to overcome the limitations set by nature and learn to see in the dark. For this, night vision technology was developed. Its development has gone through several stages, which are designated by generations. From zero-generation appliances, which you can assemble at home with children, to the fourth generation, samples are just beginning to be used by the army. The higher the generation, the higher the image quality. If for hunting, the second generation sight will solve all your tasks, especially if you also have a thermal imager, then such rules do not work in airsoft.

Everything depends on the quality of your vision – assessment of the situation, reaction speed, ease of aiming, and, as a result, the success of the battle. Therefore, only one answer: only gen 3 night vision goggles or gen 3 night vision sights can provide you with an optimal view. Anything else would be a costly compromise.

Myth # 2. Night vision devices and operator unmasking.

You can often hear that enemies will unmask a fighter equipped with night vision equipment. Now, could you not believe it?

For the simple reason that only an object that emits active light becomes visible. The essence of night vision technology is that the device processes and amplifies the light, making the observed object visible to the operator. The enemy can see a light bulb or a diode burning on the equipment, which negates the very essence of the device, so this is unlikely. Or a marker in your weapon’s magazine shaft that indicates that there is no magazine. Which, however, is also a rarity. Or flashlight, bonfire, car headlights, and UFO landing lights. In general, everything that no adequate airsoft fighter would use when playing at night.

Myth # 3. The importance of the IRR.

IRR – infrared remission is the reduced ability of objects and objects to reflect infrared radiation. If IR radiation is directed at you during a battle, you will begin to glow in the lens of an observer with a night vision device.

This argument is significant for people who are passionate about airsoft and is very popular among them. Now, the truth is, those who attach so much importance to this factor have probably never participated in night airsoft battles. You can illuminate an object only by directing an IR emitter at it. No one will do this for the simple reason that he will immediately be identified and become visible to the enemy.

Anyway, why do you need IR on the battlefield? Often to give a night vision device light in conditions where there is not enough light. But, if you are using gen 3 night vision goggles or gen 3 night vision sights, such cases during the game are almost impossible unless you want to highlight something under your feet in a safe area.

On the other hand, IRR gear is useful and not pointless. But, its significance is very exaggerated, especially when it comes to airsoft.

Myth # 4. Mythical night camouflage.

Camouflage – must hide the object that is wearing it. If you are in the forest, your clothes should blend in with the color of the forest. If you are hiding among sandy landscapes, clothes should dissolve against the background of the desert. If you are in the night forest, wear dark clothes. It will not save an observer with a night vision device, but at least you will look stylish.

Where this myth came from is unclear. But, he is very popular. Although, if you are at least superficially familiar with the principle of operation of a night vision device, you understand that dark camouflage will be as distinguishable for the operator as the rest of the tactical clothing colors.

Airsoft is a fun and adrenaline-pumping game. The opportunity to take part in a real battle without risking being killed gives you a unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable experience. And playing in night mode, provided the right equipment is chosen will give you an experience incomparable with anything.

AGM Global Vision provides night optics for Law Enforcement, Hunting, Outdoor and Military Gear.

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