A long time has passed since we posted a new load out to our Gear Gallery. But now we´re back with a new one. This time we invited our reviewer Richard aka FireBase Aplpha to present his Kryptek loadout. He choose the Kryptek Mandrake pattern as his personal favorit pattern.

Why Kryptek Mandrake? Well, this pattern performs best in the environments he act and play (Scottish Highlands). Learn more about the pattern on the pictures below (click to enlarge) and as always you get the “gear list” including the links to the manufacturers/where to buy at the end of this article.

We hope you enjoy this presentation and maybe we inspire you to build-up a new loadout for yourself with the Kryptek pattern.




Gear List:

Kryptek pattern in general:

Extreme Gear Labs: VOCR (Variable Objective Chest Rig) and SPD
Thigh Rig (Special Projects Division):

Practical Tactical Firearms: ID Tag (GITD):

Vertx: Gunfighter Top & Trouser:

Mechanix: Gloves (Woodland):

ESS Eye Pro: Eye Protection:

Tiger Tailor: Dump Pouch:

SpecOpShop: Boonie Hat:

Grey Ghost Gear: ‘Stealth Pack:

Under Armour: ‘Speed Freek’ Boots, MultiCam:


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