Ferro Concepts Announce the upcoming release of their DOPE Front Flap, set to be released June 16th 2021.

The D.O.P.E. (Diverse Operations Personal Equipment) Front flap is a truly versatile platform for a large range of operations. We took the concept of our standard ADAPT Kangaroo Front flap and made it “double stack” along with added features to allow the end user to have more options and control over their equipment.

Ferro Concepts – DOPE Front Flap (front view)

What separates the ADAPT D.O.P.E. front flap from other dual row Kangaroo style pouches, is the ability to remove the internal divider. This simple feature allows the use of our Kangaroo Pocket – Large which converts the D.O.P.E. into a large, single cell general-purpose pouch for even more versatility.

Ferro Concepts – DOPE Front Flap (back view)

The removable internal divider itself is made from rigid thermoplastic to help keep inserts stable in both cells. The front of the D.O.P.E. has integrated vertical slots (similar to our plate carriers) to run the ADAPT Chest panel – MOLLE for ATAK device integration or offer additional organizational storage with the ADAPT Admin Panel. We offer an expanding, well-rounded line of organizational and munition inserts to help you set up your D.O.P.E. Front flap the way you want it.

For additional information, visit >> www.ferroconcepts.com


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