Marck from Redwolf Airsoft checks out the Silverback TAC41P Sniper Rifle and it’s features.

The Silverback TAC 41P is probably what the natural evolution of the VSR-10 would be, can this offering from Silverback send the venerable VSR-10 into retirement?

The Silverback TAC41P is a groundbreaking product from Silverback Airsoft, famous for their award-winning SRS line of bullpup airsoft sniper rifles. The TAC41P is a revolutionary product from the famed airsoft manufacturers as this is not only their first non-bullpup airsoft sniper, but more importantly this airsoft gun is not based on any other real steel firearm.

This rifle has an impressive 48 round capacity magazine but does feature a feed ramp internally. However, unlike other airsoft snipers with this feature, the TAC41P’s internal feed ramp captures all of the BBs within, not letting them leak out (19 rounds in total). This ensures you are able to shoot rounds out consistently.

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