Shed Some Light on Your Options

Have you just got a new tactical light or laser for your gun? Are you in need of a hand-made leather holster that will fit your gun like a glove? Then the guys at Craft Holsters got something just for you. Their offer now includes many new custom-made holsters for guns with lights and lasers.

Get a sneak peak below.

Our Light/Laser-Bearing Holsters come in all sorts of carry styles – OWB, IWB, Shoulder, Duty, and more. Just pick the style you like best, find your gun and attachment and improve your accuracy and target acquisition game now. Also, don’t forget that as our returning customer, you’ll automatically get a 10% discount on your new holster.

View them all >>

More product news from Craft Holsters on our blog, can be found here!



  1. Hey guys!

    Thanks a lot for sharing our latest newsletter, hope these light/laser bearing holsters will be of interest to the folks from the airsoft community as well 🙂

    Have a great one! Al from Craft Holsters


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