Dark Systems Defense unveiled its new K9 Lighstick Dropper at Eurosatory 2024

Pending patent Lightstick dropper represents a significant advancement in tactical and search-and-rescue operations, offering an innovative solution for marking and tracking in various environments. Mounted on a dog’s vest, these devices serve as essential tools for handlers who rely on their canine partners to navigate challenging terrains and critical situations. The primary function of the Dark Systems K9 Lightstick Dropper is to deploy lightsticks—small, self-contained sources of illumination that can be seen from considerable distances. 

K9 Lighstick Dropper

These lightsticks are available in multiple colors and infrared (IR) versions, catering to diverse operational needs.

What sets the lightstick dropper apart is its seamless integration with modern technologies such as the Dark Systems Darkmesh K9 camera system. This compatibility enhances the device’s utility by allowing handlers to monitor their dogs’ movements in real-time while deploying lightsticks as needed. The deployment mechanism can be controlled via the Advanced Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) or a remote control, providing flexibility and precision during missions.

With a capacity of about 44 lightsticks, the dropper ensures that handlers have ample resources at their disposal to mark objects, areas, or track their dogs’ paths over extended periods. This combination of durability, versatility, and technological integration makes the lightstick dropper an invaluable asset for those requiring reliable marking solutions in complex scenarios.

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