A new era in QILO’s development of technical outerwear

The All-New Norwind Series. Featuring 4-Way Stretch & Water Resistance fabric

M1942 Frogskin Anoraks and Joggers

To commemorate the 80-year anniversary of WWII Pacific Battle of Saipan (1944), we are dropping Nordwind Anoraks & Joggers in the two M1942 Frogskin Camo colorways- Jungle & Beach.

M1942 Frogskin Anoraks and Joggers

The Nordwind series is an elevated line of performance-driven technical outerwear. The Nordwind series combines two to three of the following features in a given piece.

1): Water Resistance
2): 4-Way Stretch
3): Insulation
4): Breathability

Visit our Blog for prices and additional product details/pics of the WR Anorak & Jogger. Drops Friday 3/29 at 3PM EST.

Learn more >> www.qilonyc.com/blog


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