Stay casual and beat the summer heat!

Man, it’s hot outside these days isn’t it? But how to beat the heat? Well, just choose the right gear that helps you to look & stay cool! It’s as simple as that. Here’s one of my preferred summer setups for this year that has that kind of “tacticool” inspiration to it and looks cool on the range as well.

From Head to Toe

The Grounded Bandits Strike Face Shirt sends out a clear massage: This guy right here has a tactical mindset and lives the “Tatical Way of Life”. The front print replicates the top of a used SAPI Plate in its original size (Medium) and those who know, know you know?!

The shirt itself is made from 100% Fair-Trade Bio-Cotton and the company produces them in Germany or Europe. High quality workmanship and a perfect fit is guaranteed. You can’t go wrong with this brand. Other styles are available to that keep sending out the massage as named above.

P-40 Gen2 Shorts

What’s to say about the new UF PRO P-40 Gen2 Shorts. It’s very comfortable and lightweight designed for hot weather use. The Gen2 follows the concept of the previous version but with new features in it. If you read about the ULT Pants, you notice some features look familiar. The Gen.2 come with its own underbelt like the ULT, delivering maximum comfort and perfect fit every time. No need to add an additional maybe “heavy” and bulky belt. It just increases weight.

Vertical zippers on the side pockets are designed to let instantly relieving flow of fresh air inside if the heat becomes uncomfortable. The big side pockets you know from UF PRO keep all your essentials well stored and in reach when needed. This pant is a must have in my opinion! I’m sure you’ll love it too.

ALTAMA Assault Mid

The ALTAMA Maritime Assault Mid are my go to shoes during summer. They’re lightweight, breathable and in Multicam Black – they just look dope af in my opinion! This shoe is designed for waterborne operations but do their job in your daily urban/outdoor environment the same way. ALTAMA stands for quality military footwear since they started in 1969 when they came out with the legendary “Jungle Boot” to supply the GIs with to get the job done in Vietnam.

Trusted and tested from the finest operators, the Maritime Assault Mid is available in many colors to fit your specific needs. Go and check them out!

Leonidas Sweater 2.0

If you stay out late this summer and the night becomes fresh, add an extra layer to your upper body and beat the cold with your coolness. The PENTAGON Leonidas Tactical Sweater 2.0 is made from 75% Cotton and 25% Polyester and the inside has a fluffy backing for perfect wearing comfort.

A full size YKK front zipper makes it easy to throw it on & off in no time. Two big side pockets and one small chest pocket offer you additional storage solutions and the added velcro panels on both upper arms sets this hoodie apart from any civilian one. Rock your favorite patches, be offensive and don’t give a f!*k what others say!

Liked what you just saw? Then head over to my friends at Triple Action, they have everything ready in the shop for you!


Grounded Bandits Strike Face Shirt

UF PRO P-40 Gen2 Shorts

ALTAMA Maritime Assault Mid

PENTAGON Leonidas Tactical Sweater 2.0


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