A new licensed partnership for airsoft. Welcome BCMAIR

As you might have seen it already here on our blog or other airsoft media out there, VFC (Vega Force Company) has signed a new license partnership for airsoft products with a company which is no other than the well know firearms & parts manufacturer BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturer USA).

This is of course a big step forward in the airsoft industry regarding being able to produce airsoft replicas & accessories under the license of a real firearms company to get airsoft as a “training tool” one step forward too. In this case, VFC is the lucy one who made the deal and we, the players get the benefit out of it.

I know some of you out there already say “it’s just another M4 build, come on don’t hype it that much”, and yes, you’re right. It’s basically an M4 on an already existing AEG platform (internally) by VFC, but what makes the difference here is the license from BCM incl. their rifle accessories that offer new ways of modifications which some of us who pay attention to such details with their kits/loadouts really enjoy!

“If you find yourself in this group, the BCMAIR MCMR is made for ya!”

In our Part 1 review, we go over this rifle from head to toe to point out the key features that you’re maybe interested in.


Oh yeah! That’s of course the first thing I noticed when I got it right out of the box. I was surprised about its weight compared to other AEGs I run. VFC did a great job in saving weight for you on the BCMAIR MCMR but at the same time, keeping the quality high just as the real steel BCMs which are, as for real ARs light as well.

The empty rifle including the magazine as measured by myself is slightly higher as VFC listed it in its official specs which says; 2158g. Not a big deal, but needs to be mentioned. As I let my eyes slide up and down the rifle, I noticed lots of official BCM markings on the gun, what you expect from such a product.

If you’re a detail addicted person like I am, I bet you’ll love it. Let the pictures speak for themselves…


As VFC did not just produce the rifle itself but also BCM parts, this model comes like the real deal with the Mod 1-SOPMOD Stock, which is designed inhouse by BCM. On the airsoft version, VFC put some extra attention to it to make space for the battery in it, what answers the question that this AEG houses its battery in the stock.

Thanks to its design, this Stock can hold almost all typical batteries we know nowadays. If you want to do your MCMR a favor, fuel it with some TITAN POWER! These batteries perform on boss level in my opinion.

IT RUNS ON DEANS!! Oh yes, thank you VFC for making this happen. The MCMR is DEANS or T-Plug ready out of the box which is much appreciated. If you’re still an old-school “Tamiya user”, what’s wrong with you?! You need to upgrade, now! But in this case, a connector for them is in the box too.

The rubber Butt-Pad is structured to provide you a solid grip while shouldering the MCMR and it releases itself to give you access to the battery compartment by only pushing the two pins on the sides.

Build in QD Sling Mounts on both sides as well traditional Sling Mounts are available too. If you’re not a fan of Stock/Sling attachments, a steel BCMGUNFIGHTER QD end plate is pre-installed on the stock tube already.


Following the concept to provide a solid grip for the shooter, the BCMGUNFIGHTER Grip Mod 3 Pistol Grip does exactly this, thanks to its aggressive structure. Doesn’t matter if you use gloves or your bare hands, you can feel the solid grip immediately.

Due to numerous changes in the dynamics of the current fighting techniques, the Gun Fighter’s Grip (GFG)allows for a reduced angle and improved ergonomics when shooting in the modern gun fighting stances.

Each grip also features an extended forward tang to close the gap between the trigger guard and pistol grip, and a high rise “beavertail” style back strap.

But there’s one more thing to say about this grip when it comes back down to airsoft usage.

If you need quick access to the motor for any reason, you can do this completely toolless. Fixing motor jams in the field never was easier.

Following the motor under the hood really quick, the MCMR features VFCs latest AEG System with high performance internals. These internals include;

  • Build-in Digital Firing Control System
  • ECS GearBox with Quick Spring Change System
  • MAPLE LEAF Competitive Grade Inner Precise barrel
  • Gen2 Hop-Up Chamber
  • and a MAPLE LEAF Competition Grade HOP-UP Rubber

Not bad for a stock rifle out of the box. How do they perform in the field? We’ll take care of this very soon during a week-long event so more to follow about this in Part 2, the “field test” from the MCMR.

MCMR M-LOK® Handguard System

Featuring the same industry leading barrel nut and lock up design as originally introduced on BCM’s evolutionary KMR handguard, the MCMR Series of handguards follows a slim and very handy design, offering the shooter a good grip and lots of modularity options in the modern M-LOK platform.

If you’re in the need of a 1913 Rail adaptor, three of em are in the box already. Nice feature as you usually need to buy them separately.

To close Part 1 of our BCMAIR MCMR 11.5” AEG review, here’re some material/parts facts you may want to know about as well:

  • Steel BCMGUNFIGHTER Compensator MOD 0 – 5.56
  • Aluminum Dummy outer barrel
  • Aluminum Dummy Gas Tube & Gas Block
  • BCM® Patent Handguard Locating Pin
  • Steel Barrel Nut
  • Steel Dust Cover
  • Steel Dummy Forward Assist
  • Aluminum 120Rds Silent Mid-Cap Magazine

What to expect from Part 2?

It is focused on gameplay and performance of the BCMAIR MCMR as well to stress test it under hot summer conditions. We will check the programable 3-round burst mode (which will be fun for sure) form the ECS Gear-Box/ Digital Firing Control System and things that may happen during the test we don’t know about at this point.

We’re also very interested to find out how the MAPLE LEAF Competition Grade Hop-Up and Inner Precise Barrel show off their performance as we never run one of those parts before.

If you want to stay in the loop about it, keep following our blog and socials so you won’t miss it! That’s it for now folks, if you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section below. We would love to hear em.

If you would like to gather more intel about the BCMAIR MCMR AEG, feel free to visit VFCs official page for it.

Other airsoft media releases from our friends can be found on our blog too.



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