Newest released Optic Risers from BCM at a glance

BCMs newest release is designed for professional soldiers, law enforcement officers, and responsible citizens at home and around the globe to get the shot right when it counts.

BCM A/T Optic Riser

Ideal for layering magnifiers and other enhancement systems with red dot optics. BCM A/T Risers offer the potential for a more capable platform that can improve threat identification in complex settings.

BCM A/T Optic Riser


Optimized for close combat ranges, the BCM A/T Riser creates a platform that raises the centerline of attached optics and magnifiers by approximately 1/2 inch. This additional height enhances the trained end user’s situational awareness, and further, makes it possible for them to take better aimed shots if they are using the optic in conjunction with night vision or other PPE systems.  

BCM A/T Optic Riser

Interfacing with the upper receiver using the same low-profile A/T system used in our Optic Mounts, not only reduces snag hazards but makes the entire length of rail usable for either bolt-on or QD attachments. Further, the low profile A/T interface enables mounting accessories with Mil-Std 1913 attachments anywhere on the stalk of the riser platform allowing end users to fine tune the placement of optics, magnifiers, and other accessories. Each A/T Riser is machined from aircraft aluminum alloy, hard coat anodized per Mil-A-8625F. The steel alloy clamp is hardened with Nitride coating for maximum strength. Finally, each Riser features multiple integral recoil lugs to mitigate recoil and counter recoil to preserve your zero and ensure “no fail” shots are placed where intended by the trained rifleman.



A/T (Angled Torque) mounts employ angled torque through a patented clamp which applies triangulating force to create a stronger and more reliable lock up of the mount onto the end user’s rail. 

To retain the hardware in field conditions, this system uses a serrated locking spring-washer to prevent the loss of torque on the shaft nut. 
With an equivalent load applied, the A/T Mount delivers approximately twice the clamping force at the picatinny rail, versus a legacy horizontal interface.

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