The Ultimate Camouflage Comparison 


ePIG Group is at it once again.

It’s been another 3 years since we did the last camouflage pattern comparison with Phantomleaf – reason enough to do a new comparison – only this time better, bigger and, above all, in response to your questions and suggestions last time. In this first article we show you all the camouflage patterns by day, followed shortly by another video with night vision shots with and without infrared illuminators.

Special thanks to Pine Survey, whose blog you should definitely check out if you’re interested in camouflage – we’ll include the link in the description.

Thanks also to Armybug, the Pro Flight drone school and especially Holger, as well as Army Online Store, Recon Company, my entire EPIG team, who worked so hard on the whole thing and all the others who supported us so actively.

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