Tis the season – with the Maritime Assault Mid

As we are facing the warmth coming towards us as spring is around the corner damn close, we put our winter clothing away and prepare ourselves for the sun. Aren’t you read for it? Hell, I am! So, here’s a spotlight about a boot/shoe I personally enjoy a lot wearing during the summer. The Maritime Assault Mid from ALTAMA I got provided last year from our partner Triple Action. I’m on my second pair since then already.

Originally designed for military waterborne operations, the Maritime Assault Mid has become a well appreciated boot not only for military personnel on the job. It clearly has found its way into the “street lifestyle”of the tacticool gear addicted person I would say.

Following a slick modern design, you know from sneakers, the Assault Mid comes in a lightweight, breathable package (weights only 770gr.) your feet appreciate during hot summer days. Future more, air mesh linings help wick away sweat and other moisture quickly from your foot, providing a fresh and always comfortable feeling.

The full-length one-piece ABS sole provides stability and support for your feet while on the go in urban environments or climbing over rocks and other rough terrain while being outdoors enjoying nature.

As this boot is originally made for the water, you can easily enjoy walking through water as well. The water drain membrane on the sides get the water out in like no time. The Ultron PU contoured insole will not absorb water and doesn’t bloat. Future more, it gives your feet a comfortable stand you’ll enjoy during the day as well.

If you think you need to walk around in wet boots a long time after you left the water, don’t panic! They dry fast. High abrasion quick drying 1000D Cordura quarter panels are offered on both, solid and Multicam colors.

Talking about those colors, the MID is available in Coyote, Urban-Grey, MultiCam, MultiCam-Black, Black, M81 Woodland and OD Green.

I personally love to skate with em because (they look cool) and they provide a nice grip and flexibility at once. The rubber cap which goes all over your toehold offers extra protection for this rough-handle high impact area.

In addition to the original laces which come in solid colors only, you can order spare once in Multicam Black or Multicam Original if you like to personalize you MIDs. I run the MC Black once with mine and I love it! And if I haven’t mentioned it; they look damn cool too!

A small gadget I added is the Hang-Tac which you just narrow down into the laces. The Hang-Tac provides you the option of adding a blood-type or moral patch if you like to. First one can become critical in case of any possible medical accident that could happen to you and you’re knocked out and can’t speak for yourself.

Paramedics who arrive on spot immediately get to know your blood type or allergies and trust me; they’ll appreciate it if you’re in a bad shape!

The ALTAMA Maritime Assault Mid is a great every day boot during the summer in my opinion. Offering a lightweight, solid, breathable and cool looking design. The fact that you can run it in the city and outdoors makes it and allrounder I personally enjoy a lot.

The MID is available from or partner Triple Action “home of the hot stuff here in Central Europe” in all colors except of OD and M81. If you want to buy the Multicam laces as well, the guys at Triple Action have you covered too. Just check the shop or follow the link below.

Grab yours here >> www.tripleaction.de/altama

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More product news from Triple Action on our blog, can be found here!


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