What is D5 Disruptive Science Training?


The idea of Thinkers Before Shooters™ comes to life in our multi-day course offerings!

Join the Haley Strategic stuff as they talk about their program and what’s the idea behind it.

Our curriculum is rooted in human learning, biomechanics, and an objective measurable approach to performance. The pursuit of shooting performance lies within the successful execution of these fundamentals. Success starts with a deep (intimate) understanding of the “why” behind the “how”. Fundamentals are not simply a method, technique, or a program, but a science.

D5 Disruptive Science Training

In our Disruptive Science course, the approach is designed to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles by creating relevance that shows people how to put their life into shooting versus stuffing shooting into their lives.

More >> www.haleystrategic.com/train-d5

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