Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Voting Period is on!

We’re in the finals again!! THNAK YOU to all who nominated us so we could take parts of the final round again to defend our award from 2022. NOW, it’s f*cking time to win that thing one more time!! Get your votes in and invite your friends to vote for us too. We need every single one of you as our work all over the year is just for you to keep you informed and up to date with the latest news from all over.

We appreciate your support guys, let’s win it!

Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Voting Period

Finalists who have garnered the most number of votes in the categories win an award in the categories where they are selected as finalists. Airsoft players who cast their votes are included in a raffle draw where they get to win various prizes.

The winners will be announced one (1) week after the closing of the Voting Period. They will then be notified via email that they won. Airsoft players who won raffle prizes will also be informed via email.



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