The prizes for the 3rd Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards are what airsoft players covet nowadays. Just check the prizes put up by the Awards’ Main Presenter, KWA, and those should be more than reason enough why you should help decide who shall be the winners for the various categories. Now, there’s an additional reason why you should cast your vote, if you haven’t done so.

Our gold sponsor and always there to support in the background, Tokyo Marui, have also agreed to put their newly released HK416D Recoil Shock New Generation AEG as one of the raffle prizes. Indeed, like the KWA KRISS Vector GBB, the Tokyo Marui HK461D is immediately out of stock right after hitting the store shelves of airsoft retailers in Asia, especially in Hong Kong.


Not only that, but two of the newly released gas blowback pistols from the company will also be in the prize list. We’re just trying to confirm which these will be before we can officially post these here.

If you haven’t voted yet, you have until the 2nd of February to cast your vote to determine the winners for this year. The earlier the better and what better way to cast your vote with the knowledge that you have the chance two of the hottest airsoft guns recently released.




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