The World’s Lightest & Highest Ammunition Capacity Electric Machine Gun

Welcome the new VFC MK48 MOD 1 AEG. At the beginning of the development of this product, VFC positioned the MK48 MOD 1 “lightweight” machine gun to not only be 1:1 in appearance to the original, but also to improve the lightweight design that other brands lack….

To give the player the ultimate combination of a high capacity support machine gun, but keeping it as realistic as possible; all while removing the burden of having to carry a heavy platform around all day on the airsoft battlefield. So, we present to you, a real “lightweight” machine gun that in front of you; the MK48 MOD1 LMG from VFC.


Unprecedented Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Structure Design!

VFC’s MK48 AEG utilizes aluminum alloy for the main structure, which greatly reduces the weight of the whole product. This provides a weight reduction from almost 10 kg (if manufactured using full steel material) to about 4 kg with the VFC aluminum design.

Internally, all key components are still made from steel, so durability is retained where it matters most! This design not only reduces the weight, but also maintains the structural strength of the MK48 platform.


Newly Designed BB Supply System with 8800 Rds BB total capacity!!!

Built-in BBs storage space! The VFC MK48 can provide 800 rounds of BB firepower internally to the platform without an additional ammunition box. The Premium version also ships with an 8000 round large capacity BB ammunition box, giving you an unprecedented 8800 total rounds of BB firepower!

Realistic Detachable Barrel

Staying true to the design of the real MK48 MOD1, the barrel can be removed by the “Carrying Handling”. This design is not only just a fun feature, but also more convenient for daily product maintenance.


Got your interest? Then you maybe interested to read even more about this awesome new product out of the VFC smithy. They’ve created an page for the MK48 so you can discover all about it right away.

Head over >>

More product news from VFC on our blog, can be found here!


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