Vehicle Protective Procedures | Pro’s Guide to Close Protection


Master vehicle protective procedures and hardpointing

Close protection refers to security measures taken to ensure the safety of individuals who may be at risk of harm due to their profession, status, or other specific circumstances. This specialized field involves trained professionals, often referred to as bodyguards or close protection officers, who employ a range of tactics and strategies to safeguard their clients from potential threats, including physical harm, kidnapping, or harassment. Their duties often encompass risk assessment, surveillance, escorting, and occasionally evasive driving, with an emphasis on discretion and minimizing disturbances to the client’s daily life.

In the second episode of “Pro’s Guide to Close Protection”, Gerry and his team discuss vehicle protective procedures (VPPs). The episode delves into clean and dirty arrivals and departures, and how to handle situations with and without imminent threats. The agents demonstrate the importance of scanning and assessing the environment for potential threats, and how to safely escort a client or principal out of a vehicle, into a venue, and back into a vehicle.

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