Get to know – the new VFC MP5K GBBR

The MP5 GBBRs are special guns that are in a class of their own. While we know they sit alone on the top of the mountain, how viable are they, that is the question.

The MP5K was designed to be an even more compact version of the legendary MP5 submachine gun. The K version, just like its full-size counterparts, is highly sought after and highly prized weapons used by many around the world.

The particular version we have here is a fully licensed product and features all the corresponding markings. The lower receiver group is the same group adopted by the United States Navy SEALS. The lower features ambidextrous controls, steel magazine release lever, and its features the upgraded trigger group. The new group is a full set, quick replaceable fire control group with a newly designed disconnection set, hammer, and hammer latch. Its function and strip down are similar to the real steel counterpart.

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