It’s coming, the MP5 A3 V2 GBBR

Fulfills your wildest airsoft dreams – The brand new Heckler & Koch MP5 A3 V2 GBBR! Gas operated, made of high-grade stamped steel and high-strength polymer. What more could you ask for?


“Surely the most popular submachine gun series in the world” is how Heckler & Koch describes its MP5. With more than 100 variants, this gun fulfills countless tactical requirements and meets the needs of diverse users.

The gas-powered 6mm airsoft version 3 of this submachine gun adheres strictly to the details of the 9×19 original. Made of high-grade stamped steel, it is extremely robust and has an authentic, heavy feel. The pistol grip and fore-end are made of high-strength polymer for perfect handling. The shoulder rest of the MP5 A3 ensures an optimum shooting position, even when the deliberately strong blowback effect causes the bolt to jump back.


This perfect replica also features a functional cocking lever, an adjustable peep sight and a shoot-up which is also adjustable.

The MP5 A3 V3 is available in two different versions for the International and German market regarding the fire-modi markings on the lower receiver.

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