Pro’s Guide to Pistol Fundamentals: Reloading and Identifying Common Pistol Malfunctions

Even with a high-quality pistol, you’re likely to experience an occasional hiccup in function. Rick Crawley from Achilles Heel Tactical spotlights how to recognize and clear common pistol malfunctions such as failure to feed, failure to fire, and failure to eject. Need to reload? Don’t miss the step-by-step guides to emergency and tac reloading techniques.

Here’s where we need to mention human-error elements. Errors can happen at any stage (gripping, trigger control, sight alignment, and sight picture). With so many moving parts, it also happens that inconsistency propagates to subsequent elements like a cascade.

Implementing human error into our Pistol Fundamentals is unavoidable. The answer to that is to stay proactive by mitigating errors and stay as marginal as possible. Good fundamentals lead to consistent shooting with your firearm.

About Rick

Rick Crawley has over a decade of combined experience in both military & law enforcement service. During his time as an infantry marine, he deployed 3 times in support of OIF and OEF operations. Rick fulfilled many billets on these tours such as Squad Leader & Scout Sniper Team Leader. Currently while serving in law enforcement, Rick serves as an active member on SWAT and is a Certified LE firearms instructor.

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