Medic Monday Feature – TT Medic Assault Pack L MKII

It’s Medic Monday and what better way to start the week off with some cool tactical medical gear. Today, we are looking at a backpack that allows you to carry more than just your daily medical essentials.

TT Medic Assault Pack L

The TT Medic Assault Pack L MKII is the third pack (regarding its size) from the tried and field approved medical assault backpack line by Tasmanian Tiger. It provides an intelligent and clear interior divider system, laser-cut MOLLE on the outside and detachable shoulder straps, offering you by using the included adaptors/straps a direct attachment to a plate carrier or vest.

This system is similar to the one used by their Assault Pack 12, so if you want to know how to attach it and what the options are, I suggest you to visit the TT YouTube Channel and check out the instructional video series they have done some years ago. Very helpful and well-made vids!

TT Medic Assault Pack L

This particular version right here is made of CORDURA® and other material with IRR treatment from Tasmanian Tigers Stone-Grey-Olive IRR Series. Both, the European CORDURA® materials as well as webbing, hook-and-loop fasteners and buckles meet the high German Bundeswehr standards TL 8305-0278 and TL 8305-0281 with regard to the IRR camouflage effect (IRR 650 – 1250nm / 10 – 42%).

TT Medic Assault Pack L


Once opened it up, you get full access to its main compartment, dividing itself into the lid and bottom. The Medic Assault Pack L sticks to the modular concept (based on Velcro) as many other packs from the newer TT line up, providing you the ability to arrange it like you want to have it.

TT Medic Assault Pack L

Out of the box, the pack has four clear inside pockets identified by colored straps (blue, red and withe) which are ready to take whatever medical gear you like to store inside. Bungee straps in different sizes hold everything from small to tall in place.

TT Medic Assault Pack L

Numerous elastic loops on the sides inside the backpacks main compartment provide you even more storage room for larger equipment which don’t fit into their pocket size pouches.

TT Medic Assault Pack L

An inner detachable plate with elastic loops (that can be tighten up) provides additional storage for smaller items such as scissors, tweezers, needles, tape or gloves etc. and right on top of it, we have two mesh insertions and of course, more bungee straps.

TT Medic Assault Pack L

Underneath this plate or inside the lid, you find a vertically arranged zipper on the side that reveals a flat, multi-partitioned slide-in compartment providing additional storage space.

“This pack really surprises me by how much equipment it can take because, at a first glance: it looks so slim”!

On the outside, the Medic Assault Pack L does offer you a scissors slot for quick access as well lots of laser cut MOLLE on the front and on the sides. I’m using these for two additional TQ Pouches so I have em in reach quick, without the need to open up the pack when time is critical.

Maximizing the storage room for you on the outside, another pocket can be found right behind the MOLLE webbing. Perfect to store two SAMSPLINT inside.

Velcro panels at the top and bottom allow you to mark the pack with your personal ID or medical patches. In addition, a foldable red maker is included as well which makes it easy for you to mark your position to get identified out in the middle of nowhere for incoming medical support.

TT offers two further carrying loops with which the opened backpack can be closed provisionally for quick transport and which can be stowed away easily when not in use. A much appreciated feature when working under pressure and need to move locations.

TT Medic Assault Pack L


Well, that’s something you should arrange to your mission needs or the guidelines you’re following in my opinion.

Mine is currently packed for “first responder calls” in the city and around as I’m responding to medical calls beside the regular ambulance, providing advanced first aid till the paramedics arrive on spot. A well proven system in our region, providing medical help asap for the person in need!

SIDE NOTE: If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, or how I am allowed to do this in my country, I’m an active-duty paramedic as well.

Medic Assault Pack L

Got your interest? The TT Medic Assault Pack L MKII is available in all colors from our partner Triple Action here in central Europe.

If you’re looking for Tasmanian Tiger gear, their shop should be your first address! If they don’t have something in stock you’re looking for, send an email and they get it for you. Customer service is top notch! You will love it.

Grab yours here >>

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