The next generation Radio Pouch?

When it comes to radio pouches that fit the smaller once, there are many options available on the market, as you may know. Most of them are less user friendly when it comes down to the usability in the field. At least in my opinion. Often you need to pull the radio out of the pouch to work on it, which is sometimes not that comfortable. Modern Law Enforcement/Military digital radios are less bulky as their precursor just to name the PRC-148, 152 or the German SEM52S, and the need for a pouch that offers you a great usability is real!

TT just stepped in the game with their new Digi Radio Pouch to close the gap and provide exactly that. However, not only the professional end-user can get a benefit out of it for his business needs. Airsoft players as well amateur radio operators that use radios of this type will be happy to run this pouch in my opinion.

Lightweight designed with CORDURA® 500 den, Hypalon MOLLE straps and bungee cord, this pouch meets the high German Bundeswehr standards TL 8305-0278 and TL 8305-0281.

The version we are looking at in RAL7013 or “Stone Grey Olive” or “Ranger Green” stands in regard to the IRR camouflage effect (IRR 650 – 1250nm / 10 – 42%) to reduce IR reflections during night operations.

TT offers this feature only at this camouflage from their product line “at the moment” as it´s the most common within special police and some military units.

For this overview I used a BAOFENG UV-5RTP Radio with the extended BL-5 7.4V 3800mAh battery to find out if it fits the way I want it and without a doubt – I´m highly surprised! It seems like it´s made for it.

To get the pouch on your vest, TT decided to use the modern Hypalon material instead of traditional MOLLE straps as you can find that on other TT products too. Benefit of this? Less weight, thinner straps and most of all – it´s much easier to get it on. I´m personally a big fan of the Hypalon material. If you added a ton of pouches and need to replace them sometimes, you know it can become a pain in the ass with those bulky MOLLE straps!

To secure the front flap that it won´t open accidently, Tasmanian Tiger added a small strap which goes over the top and closes with the use of some Velcro® to keep it tight but still offers you enough space to operate the top functions from the radio.

The pouch has an adjustable flap angle just as simple as using a bungee cord for it which can be adjusted to your personal needs so you can operate all functions once it is open. Another benefit of this design, you get quick access to the battery compartment to change it within seconds if needed.

As for the BAOFENG radio, you can see the dimensions from the side openings for comm. cable, PTT button and control panel are freely operable. Like I said above, it seems like it´s just made for it.

A display protector made of clear vinyl lined in Hypalon keeps it save from getting scratched.

Some leather provides additional protection for the numerical pad and bottom inside the pouch but not only this, it also provides support when you slide the radio in or close it up again. It just flow.

Right on top, there´s a small pocket with clear vinyl to put in some small pieces of paper for radio frequencies, 9-liner or whatever you need to store there.

This radio pouch is very modern, yet minimalistic in its design, super lightweight, thin on your vest or battel belt and definitely a big win for everybody that runs a radio of this size.

If you´re one of these guys that had issues with radio pouches and had to find a compromise or a better solution, look no future – the TT Digi Radio Pouch has you covered from now on!

Available in Stone Grey Olive, Black and Coyote Brown only at the moment.

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