Tip Tuesday – Night Vision Compatibility


Aimpoint optics & Night Vision

This Tip Tuesday features, John Enloe, Aimpoint’s technical support manager, addresses a common question about night vision compatibility with Aimpoint’s professional grade sights.

Many customers wonder why they can’t see the dot on lower settings. The reason lies in a unique feature of Aimpoint’s sights – a proprietary coating on the front lens that alters the dot’s wavelength within the infrared (IR) spectrum. This adjustment ensures optimal visibility and performance when using night vision devices. If you’ve experienced difficulties seeing the dot in low settings, rest assured that Aimpoint’s advanced technology is designed to enhance night vision compatibility and overall sighting experience.

For any queries or assistance regarding night vision compatibility on Aimpoint sights, feel free to reach out to Aimpoint’s Technical Support team. Contact them through their website.

Web >> www.aimpoint.us


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