I just leave this here! Yeah, it’s for real guys. No kidding… check it out!

Combining the formal with the informal, the practical with the purely aesthetic, and the outdoor culture with the demands of luxury, the creative exchange born of this unique collaboration gives life to the bags inspired by Monsieur Dior’s love of nature.

What many would think of as an unlikely collab, we see it differently.


“This collaboration is a testament to two companies that care deeply about their crafts and the communities they serve. Working with companies like Dior is the ultimate recognition that we are doing what we set out to do: To design and build great packs and bags specific to the mission.

The Dior collection is a thing of beauty. Mission accomplished.” – Dana Gleason

The DIOR by MYSTERY RANCH collection features the Gallagator backpack with our signature 3-zip design, Saddle Bag, Belt Pouch (also a 3-ZIP design), Wallet, and Tactical Belt, in two colorways, featuring a CORDURA® re/cor™ fabric that is entirely recycled, resistant and durable, and embroidered with a leather crest intermingling the seal of the two Houses.

MR Web >> www.mysteryranch.com

DIOR Web >> www.dior.com


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