Garand Thumb on the new M250 from SIG SAUER

If you want to be in the loop of the NGSW Program, here’s a video from the one and only Garand Thumb showing you the new belt fed Machine Gun M250 from SIG.


The US Army’s new belt fed Machine gun the M250 will be replacing the M249 SAW, the world is changing. Today we visit Sig and are given the rundown on the new belt fed machine gun that US Service Members will be carrying. The M250 fires the potent 6.8×51 (277 Fury) Hybrid cased round. It should be noted that due to the more secretive nature of the projectile used in this weapon that accuracy testing could not be done and all rounds after firing had to be pulled from the sand berm. In the future we will likely be visiting upon those two points.

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