EMG Arms new release – SAND VIPER 2011 OPTICS READY

The official licensed version authorized by TTI (Taran Tactical Innovations). Highly detailed CNC machined aluminum slide with an optic plate, slide lightening cuts to help the slide cycle faster to optimize the overall performance for you.


The real Sand Viper was designed to be the ultimate 2-gun / 3-gun competition pistol. It has proven itself as already the sickest serpent on the planet, holding the overall win at the USPSA 2-Gun Nationals.

The airsoft replica follows its cues and puts together a pistol ready to take on even the most fierce of opponents. These guns are tailor designed to fit and feel exactly like the guns Taran has used to build his legacy. Be careful of its hidden fangs!



  • This is the official licensed version authorized by TTI with full after-sales support by EMG. Every sale of this pistol benefits the original designer. Support licensed products and better products!
  • Highly detailed CNC machined aluminum slide w/ officially licensed TTI rollmarks and TTI laser engraved markings. CNC machined aluminum frame w/ molded reinforced polymer grips
  • The Sand Viper features all of the ergonomics and performance of its cousin, the Pit Viper, but ditches the iron sights to instead come ready for mounting a red dot optic!
  • Optics plate is compatible with standard RMR-footprint red dot sights
  • Non-tilting barrel design ensures smooth cycling regardless of compensator or barrel extension mounted to the end
  • Molded grip surface for active and positive pistol manipulation
  • CNC precision barrel with large single port compensator and fiber optic front sight integrated into the design of the pistol
  • TTI professional slide lightening cuts help the slide cycle faster with less felt muzzle flip

Add it to your collection now!

EMG Web >> www.emgarms.com

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